Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

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Crystal Healing to help promote your energetic vibration. 

Perfect for popping into your bra, your pocket or purse for that added extra protection and healing.

Perfect for holding during meditation sessions.

If you have anxiety,  holding a small stone can help to keep your hands busy and calm your vibration. 

Perfect for beginners. 

Once you have your Crystals at home, cleanse them with a smudge, salt water cleanse or under the full moon.

Give your Crystal a specific purpose. Tell her what you would like her to help you with. Set your intentions with your stone. 

Descriptions adapted from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.

 Agate- Pink

A grounding stone helping to promote emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Agate helps to center and stabilize your physical energy, as well as raising one’s spiritual awareness of themselves. A stone to lead you on your path to spiritual growth. Agate helps you to cleanse the lymphatic system and any skin issues you might have.

 Calcite- Orange

A powerful amplifier and cleanser, this stone will help remove any negativity or stagnant energy within your aura. A very spiritual stone which helps to enhance the higher awareness of yourself, channeling and psychic abilities. Calcite is a really positive stone and helping to motivate you when you feel stuck. The calming and stabilizing nature of this stone enhances trust within oneself. Physically, it can help with alleviating blood clots, tissue healing, strengthening your immune system and any skin issues. Specifically, Orange Calcite is a highly energizing and positive stone.

Quartz- Rose

A universal stone for helping to regulate one’s energy. One of the most powerful and healing. Quartz is a master healer and helps to align all of one’s chakras. Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to bring deep inner healing and self love. A calming, reassuring, excellent stone to use in times of trauma or crisis. Rose quartz gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes. Emotionally, the Rose quartz stone helps to release unexpressed feelings and emotions and suits any internalised pain to help heal depression. Aids lung issues and helps to increase fertility.


Selenite is a very anchoring stone helping you to find your higher self and access higher guidance you may need. A very calming stone instilling deep peace; it makes for an excellent meditation or spiritual work tool. Selenite can be used for ensuring protection around the home and protection from one’s aura when used within the home or when carried on oneself. A stone that helps assist you on your life plan making sure that you are seeing the deeper picture and you can understand on a conscious level what is happening around you.


Sodalite is an intuitive stone to work with helping to promote and stimulate the third eye and open up the pineal gland in the brain. A stone that replaces emotion with logic to calm panic and stress within oneself. Sodalite helps with intuition and awakening; helping to strengthen one’s confidence, self-worth and self-esteem also. An amazing stone which protects from electromagnetic frequencies., suitable to place near your computer. Sodalite is one of the stones that brings shadow qualities up to the surface to be accepted without being judged. It helps cleanse the lymphatic and immune systems.