How many bath soaks will I get out of a jar?

From one to three baths, depending on your soaking needs.

How hot do I have the water for my bath?

Mineral salts require a certain temperature to melt. 38 degrees Celsius is the average temperature.  This also depends on you. I like my baths really hot so that I can stay in them for longer.

Are the bath soaks suitable for pregnancy?

Our Sunset Soak is non- scented. Just the all-natural scent of the botanicals contained within. Perfect throughout the duration of your pregnancy.  Our Sensual Soak contains Rose Geranium Essential oil. Ideal to use ONLY after your first trimester. AVOID using our Get Well Soon Soak during pregnancy as it contains peppermint essential oil. However, we can accommodate your wishes to remove this ingredient if requested. (Please get in touch if you wish to do this.)

How do I mix my Activating Matcha Mask?

In a ceramic dish, add one teaspoon of clay. Add half a tablespoon of water. Mix with wooden /ceramic spoon/ brush. Add the second tablespoon of water. Mix until there is a nice consistency. Remove any lumps by pressing with back of spoon or bristles on brush. Apply to face using brush. Avoid eye area. Let dry, approximately 8 minutes. Face will tighten. Remove by using really warm washcloth, wiping and rinsing as you go. Add moisturiser on afterwards or your fave natural face serum.

How many applications will I have with the Activating Matcha Mask?

Up to ten, depending on how much powder you use and how thick the application is. As you begin using this product you will get a feel for how much you need. Also, if you add a little too much water, let the product settle for 2 minutes before re-mixing in dish. For this mask, a thick application is not necessary. Twice a week is enough.

How do I mix my Acai Facial Powder?

In a ceramic dish, add one teaspoon of powder. Mix in a little Olive oil to form a paste. Add your favourite essential oil. Mix and distribute to damp skin, all over face and neck, avoiding eye area. Wash off with warm face cloth.

Can I use the Himalayan Rose Body Polish on my face?

No. This is only intended for the body. The skin on your face is very delicate and requires a different type of exfoliation.