About Us

Hi! I’m Julia, the face behind Body Botanicals Australia. I started Body Botanicals as a way to reconnect with myself after a very difficult two year period. Personally, I have always had a connection to water, from competitive swimming within a club, competitive water polo, beach play, and even becoming a swim instructor. Baths in particular have always been my happy place and connecting to water as I had done when I was a child, helps me to feel comforted. Nothing beats that feeling of “Ahhh…” as you step into a warm bath, sliding your shoulders under and close your eyes. That nice warm water hug is just what the doctor ordered!  

It helps that my boys are a little older now too (no interruptions!) A mother with two boys who are now 8 and 11, I love watching a James Bond movie and devouring a Mathew Reilly action packed novel. I prefer a plant based, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free nutritional lifestyle and I’m currently healing my psoriasis, the natural way.

Bathing offered a way for me to reconnect with my higher self after a family health crisis, and I figured that if baths could offer so much solace to me, they would likely offer the same to others.  



 Our products blur the line between self-care, healing, ritual and helping those who are wanting to transition to nontoxic ingredients.  Marrying this with a much healthier and happier lifestyle, we wish to share this ongoing journey with you.

 With a background in Science, majoring in Psychology, coupled with studies of Anatomy and Physiology, as well as alternative therapies – we have researched all the benefits of having a bath, both scientific and spiritual. We then went on to receive a Graduate Diploma of Counselling, and worked the in mental healthcare sector with clients presenting various issues.

Are you long overdue for a nice warm and healing bath? Perhaps it’s time invest in YOU!

To all my fellow bathing queens,

Julia Niemczyk