Activating Matcha Mask
Activating Matcha Mask

Activating Matcha Mask

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Feel your skin detoxifying and your mind clearing as you relax with our Activating Matcha Mask. Containing soothing organic bentonite clay, organic matcha tea and activated charcoal, this powdered mask attracts the debris found in the skin and actively works to extract and detoxify – leaving you with smaller pores, clearer skin and the confidence to face the world. Powerful minerals help to renew the skin cells and improve overall circulation, meaning you can say hello to brighter and more youthful skin!

Top tip: Apply this mask with intention - use this a 10 minute opportunity for meditation. Be still, take notice of your breath, and affirm positivity. 


Gentle for all skin types. Great for those that have acne as it may help to reduce symptoms.


Vegan| Hypoallergenic| All natural| Cruelty Free | Made in Australia 


Ingredients: Organic bentonite clay, organic matcha, activated charcoal.

60 grams / 2.11oz


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