Rose Quartz Guasha Tool
Rose Quartz Guasha Tool
Rose Quartz Guasha Tool

Rose Quartz Guasha Tool

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Rose Quartz Guasha Tool

If you’re looking for a non-invasive alternative to surgery, then consider guasha. This procedure involves using tools to manipulate the soft tissue of the body. It works by using a soft tool with rounded edges to gently glide over your skin. The goal is to break up scar tissue and improve energy flow on the face which in turns helps the other systems of the body.

Many people are captivated by the anti-aging benefits of guasha facial massages. This type of treatment, which is known to improve circulation, reduce fine lines, has also been known to improve the appearance of skin and its overall health. While it is important to avoid guasha for people with open lesions and cystic acne, some individuals have found that it can help them fight back against breakouts.

Guasha works on different parts of the face. It activates different meridians, but it also helps relieve tension and improve lymph drainage especially stuck energy around the jaw line. The circulation movements used help to remove dead skin cells and prevent breakouts. Guasha also helps to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Benefits of a facial massage using the guasha tool:

  • Helps relax your facial muscles, which releases wrinkles
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Helps muscle tone
  • Softens sebum, which helps cleanse the skin of impurities
  • Helps product absorption
  • Reduces puffiness and sinus congestion
  • Helps relieve muscle pain.


Rose Quartz helps to promote feelings of love, happiness and emotional wellbeing. Use this stone in conjunction with our Botanical Facial Oil. Gently massage your face and neck in the directions listed on the photo guide with this description. Use daily for upwards of three minutes for best results.

Additionally, place stone in the refrigerator for a few minutes before use to help reduce extra puffiness and inflammation.



Rinse crystal under water with a little soap and buff dry with a non abrasive cloth.

As each stone is unique it will vary in shape, color, appearance, size and shape.