The Easiest Beginners Guide to Meditation

Want a fast way to learn how to meditate and begin your journey to self love? It begins with connecting to your breath. 

Get Comfortable (Schedule a Time and Place) 

Choose a time and place that resonates with you. Early mornings work well. The mind is clear, free from distractions. Always sit upright keeping the spine straight. This can be done anywhere. Yoga mat, backyard, park, loungeroom. Experiment with different places to see which work for you.  

Types Of Meditations (Immerse yourself in the craft) 

Choose your type: Sound healings, Silent Meditation, Flame Meditation, Guided Meditation. Music meditations can tune into your body's frequency and allow for a deeper connection. Guided meditations work with expanding your imagination. An important tool for working with increasing neural connections. Explore what works for you. In time these various types help to connect your mind to your body

Scan your System (Allow your mind to tune into your body)

In your relaxed position with upright posture, begin to mentally scan your body from the top of your head, your face down to your shoulders all the way to you feet. Don't forget to scan your internal organs. Heart, Tummy and Pelvic internal structures. Is there pain? Is there uncomfortableness? Tense? Are you clenching your jaw unconsciously?

Just Breathe! (Practice makes perfect)

Focus attention to your breath now. Breathe in, expanding your chest all the way. Hold. Now release and exhale out. Pushout all the air from your belly. Nice and deep. Inhale for 4 seconds, Hold for 4, exhale for 4 breathes. As you get better, increase the amount of seconds. Calmly, slowly and mindfully.

Keep on Learning (the Most important part)

As you practice your breath, your mind will wander. If your thoughts wonder while doing this exercise, acknowledge them, then come back to your breath. Do not judge your thoughts. It is a natural process to judge. It is normal in the beginning. As you begin to master your breath, your thoughts will also shift to the present. Begin with only 2 minutes, then increase the time and challenge yourself, as you master breath with no thoughts.