Begin your Spiritual Practice with these 7 Steps!

Start Small

Adopt just one change to your routine. Choose a time and make that commitment. Rain or shine. It might be taking the time to have one bath on the Full Moon. Then deciding to have another bath during the New Moon. Increasing the experience to a weekly one.


Be Silent

For five to ten minutes a day, allow your space and mind to be quiet. Find a time that suits you and a time when there will be no interruptions. Our lives are so rushed, loud and busy that we forget what its like to not look at our phone. Remember those times when we were kids and had to look out the window in the car of the backseat and watch the world go by in silence? These days our kids have a screen in front of them. When they can see us practice these rituals, we can teach them the art of being still. Sit comfortably and focus on breath. Always come back to breath.



Just do it. Even when your mind tells you otherwise. Even if you practice for 5 minutes, its better than nothing. 


Practice Kindness

We never know what others are going through. Also, being kind is an act of compassion. The kindness and compassion that you give to the world, give to yourself. 



Being grateful for what you have begins the process of change within your neuroplasticity and connections within your brain synapses. The world begins to slowly change as you make these new connections.



Once you begin to be aware of the sensations /feelings/ emotions you have within your body, you are able to clarify and observe without judgements. You begin to trust your awareness. That becomes trust and trust becomes change.


Who’s your crew?

Surround yourself with those who have a similar practice. Yoga crew? Fitness crew? They help to hold you accountable with your self-care and spiritual practices.  

It’s as easy as these few tips!

Julia xo