5 Hacks to Raise your Vibration using Water!

5 Hacks to Raise your Water Vibration levels!

Chances are you’ve heard about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on water. When he placed positive words, played uplifting music, and sent prayer to glasses of water, it created beautiful crystals in the water (visible through a microscope).

However, after negative words were expressed and pasted on the glasses of water, he observed disfigured and disturbing images in the water.

If you think about the fact that our bodies are made up of 75% (or more) of water, think about how you can affect what these simple things can do to our physiology!

Water conducts energy and is very transformable. It changes depending on what the offering or intention is. Here are some ways to increase your vibration through this essential and magnificent element.


  1. Whisper sweet nothings into your cup of tea. This can be done in your mind. A positive affirmation is a great place to begin.
  2. Write positive words on your water bottle. Playing on the above experiment, why not write some lovely words on stainless steel drink containers. Use a Whiteboard marker to write words of positivity. So as you pick up your bottle, it becomes an unconscious reminder. Change the word daily. “Joy”, “Peace”, and “Bliss” are all great words to start with. You can modify the words depending on your needs for that day and wipe off to change your word.
  3. Sensory Deprivation Flotation Therapy. Essentially you are in a giant enclosed bathtub filled with salt and water. The abundance of salt helps your body float. There is a continual releasing and unfolding that no other therapy can replicate. When you let go of tension whether physically, emotionally or mentally, you feel lighter and so does your vibration.
  4. Send healing energy to your water. Make a heart mudra by touching your thumbs and fingers around your glass (in a heart shape) and send some loving intention to the water and then drink up!
  5. Swirl your water. Just like you would a fine wine to let it breathe, swirl your water so that it makes a tornado-like effect in your glass (you can do it with a spoon if need be). That vortex looking shape is said to actually increase the vibration of the water. You can also do this trick in the bath as you dissolve our Bath Soaks!

This is a quick guide to hack your water vibrations to add to your daily rituals. So easy to apply throughout your day! We look forward to giving you more tips to increase your vibration levels here at Body Botanicals Australia!

By Julia xo